Our company deals exclusively with the export of ornamental plants and flowers and is well-connected in the member countries of the EC, as well as the United States, Switzerland, and Easten Europe. Thanks to the 20 years of experience of the management and supervisors, the company has great potential for expansion.

The Executive Director of the company Grandiflora Sanremo Export s.r.l. is Mr. Danilo Ludi.

The structures are all new in the head office, the refrigerator cells, the warehouse, work and packaging areas, for a total surface area of about 4000 square meteres.

Because of the professionality of our workers, our company distinguishes itself in the selection and handling of the flowers.

The flowers that we deal with are for the most part produced locally (Sanremo - "Riviera of Flower"). We deal with the entire range of cut flowers, preferably cultivated in the open air.
Our strong piont is ornamental greenery and foliage, both because of the wide variety we deal in, and for the careful selection of the product..

The UNIVERSO s.r.l. company, which carries out all of our transportation, belongs to our group. This allows us to be constantly present in the European territory. The transport lines have been devised to optimize puntuality in the deliveries.


Via Periane (s.n.)
18018 Taggia (IM) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0184 46.12 - Fax +39 0184 46.00.44

Via Periane (s.n.)
18018 Taggia (IM) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0184 47.60.02 - Fax +39 0184 46.02.99

For any kind of comments: E-mail: grandi@dmw.it
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